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How It Works

We want photos of you, taken by you. Submit Pics For Cash is a marketplace where you can create income from the pictures you take. Random people cannot view or buy your images. We only work with real legitimate marketing companies and advertising firms looking for pictures of regular, real people just like you to help advertise their client’s product or create their vision.

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What We Want...

Pics of you, by you, doing normal things, posing for the camera, not posing for the camera, in your room, your home, outside, etc.

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Create an account and log in. Simple as 1-2-3

Complete a Model Release

Submit a complete model release form to give us permission to buy your photos. We have to make sure you are a real person.

Submit Photos

Take photos with your phone or camera and submit them to us for approval. Submit as many as you can we are always looking for different kinds of pictures. You will be surprised how many pictures we approve.

Get Paid

Receive payment for your approved photos through a payment type of your choice. Get your cash in 1-2 days. Earn $1 to $5 per pic submitted


Refer your friends to us and make additional cash. Your friends make money and so do you. It’s a win/win!


"Forget a part time job while going to college, this is the way to go. SubmitPicsForCash is a fast and easy service, everyone needs to know about this website!"

- Tammy C.

"SubmitPicsForCash is super fun, and really easy, plus I already had a ton of pics on my phone ready to sell."

- Sheila A.

"Taking my own selfies and getting paid for it? Yes, please!"

- Amanda F.

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