Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Sign up, complete a model release form and begin uploading your photos. It’s as simple as that. Easy, fast and hassle-free.

Is this for real?

Yes, it is. No gimmicks. You take photos and we pay you for the photos we approve.


Is it really that easy?

Yes! You take photos of yourself all the time. You might as well get paid for them, right? Do what you love and make extra cash for it.


Is it safe?

Your information is safe with us. A secure encrypted database protects your personal information while a model release form and documentation protects you legally.


What is a Model Release form and is it required?

A model release form is a legal contract that grants us permission to buy your images to use for commercial purposes. Without a valid, signed model release we cannot accept any photos.


How do I become a contributor?

All you have to do is sign up, complete a model release form and start uploading!


Is there a limit to how much $$ I can make?

No! There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit or the amount of cash you can make. Make a quick $50 or keep submitting and making thousands! It’s up to you.


How do I get paid?

There are a number of secure forms of payment available (check, Paypal, etc.). Choose what type of payment works best for you.


Can I submit photos I already have?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if the photos were shot by someone else or shared on social media sites, so long as the photo contains an image of you and not anyone else.


How long does it take to have my photos approved?

Once you have submitted photos our talented staff will give them the stamp of approval in minutes!


Do you accept all photos?

Unfortunately, no.  Not every photo can be used. We cannot use photos that are too dark or too blurry.


What happens if one of my photos isn’t approved?

Sadly, some photos don’t meet our standard of quality. You will be notified which photos do not get approved. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop submitting photos. Grab your phone or camera and you can be making lots of $$ before you know it!


Are the technical specifications recommended for uploading my photos?

Although we do not have any solid requirements for photo submissions, we do recommend (for your sake) that you limit file sizes to 4MB per photo. Uploading a large number of photos can take a long time, so keeping the file size down to a reasonable amount will help cut down on your wait time.


How are my photos going to be used?

We are primarily a stock photo site that provides media for ad agencies, magazines, publishers and media companies in need of commercial stock photography. Our member privacy is our primary concern. Don’t worry, your stuff is safe with us!


Do you accept videos?

Yes! Although photos are our bread and butter, you can also submit videos of yourself. However, the guidelines for submitting videos are different from those for photos.  If you’re interested in submitting videos send us an email at

What kind of photos do you want?

For more about this, go here.

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