Helpful Tips and Suggestions


Here are some examples:

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We want you to organize your photos into sets. A photo set consists of a single place, outfit, or idea. Shoot your photos in a series with different facial expressions and poses. Examples of sets include "My New Outfit" or "Feeding the Ducks at the Park" or "Afternoon Coffee Break."  

Here is an example of photos from the same set:

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We want to see you doing normal things (candid) as well as posing for the camera. Improve the quality of your photos by: wearing makeup, using a backdrop, using lots of light to prevent grainy photos. And don’t be afraid to take close-ups! The right pose or the right piece of clothing can make you feel and look beautiful. Some ideas include:

In Private

At home, in your bedroom, doing things you normally do or posing for the camera.

Bedroom or Home Office

On the bed, on the floor, in the mirror, at your desk, in a chair, on the phone, etc.


Cooking, not cooking, sitting at the counter or table, eating, posing, etc.


Doing your hair or makeup, in the mirror, etc.

In Public

Doing errands, at the park, engaging in your favorite activities, and much, much more. We love outdoor photo sets.

During Activities, Hobbies and Sports

Crafts, gaming, hiking, softball, swimming, etc.

At a Venue

While eating out at a restaurant, grabbing an afternoon coffee, dancing at a night club, or shopping for produce at the grocery store.

On Vacation or in the Car

At the beach, camping, the big city, the countryside, etc. DO NOT drive and take photos. Only take photos of yourself while not driving or while the car is stationary and parked.

NOTE: Although photos taken in public are very popular and in high demand, it is very important to be mindful of whom else is in each photo you shoot. We cannot accept submissions that depict individuals who have not signed a model release of their own.

Now you are ready to start taking photos and making money!

With the right combination of creativity, setting and attitude you can turn your phone or camera into a source of quick and easy cash.

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